Project Astra Dominium

Project Astra Dominium

Project Astra Dominium is a Tower Defense game with Basebuilding and Automation elements. Build up your base to become a supply hub for Earth’s desperately needed materials, gather resources while defending against an unknown alien threat and improve your tower’s and AI capabilities.

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It’s the year 2249, most resources on earth are nearly depleted and have lead to many conflicts in the past. Despite those crises, humanity made huge progress in the fields of AI, which in turn allowed for enormous advances in space travel. Scientists were even able to create a new kind of engine, which made it possible to travel faster than light. But on the downside humans were not able to survive this way of transportation. In a last desperate attempt and in search for new resources, the EIRO (European Interstellar Resource Organization) built a brand new ship which was only controlled by an AI named „Athena“. Hoping that the AI can survive the jump and begin autonomous exploration and exploitation of resources, the ship is launched into an unknown future…


Make use of the latest Nanite technology to process and refine all resources you find into useful materials for earth or new equipment for your towers.


Explore different planets and defend against a mysterious alien race, that seem to reproduce endlessly and eat up whole planets.


As an AI you learn from everything you do and become stronger and better.
  • Gain combat experience and skillpoints that you can use to improve your towers. Each tower has it’s own skilltree with up to 250 points to spend!
  • Learn recipes to craft various materials, items and also equipment for your towers.
  • Improve your crafting abilities and effiency to use less resources while having more/better/faster output.
  • Discover more about the aliens and learn to craft special beacons, that attract much stronger species that may also yield much better rewards!
  • Expand and improve your base to become a reliable resource hub for earth.

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